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Erosion, Sediment & Flood

In Compliance with the Clean Water Act mandatory erosion and sediment control devices must be installed on construction sites to minimize the release of soil into runoff waters. Many construction sites have relied on straw bale and silt fence barriers. Straw bales have been proven ineffective due to inappropriate placement, bad installation and the nature of their structure. Silt fences require expensive manpower for installation, inspection maintenance and removal. Silt fences cannot be placed on a slope or accross a countour line and are not effective unless trenched or keyed in. If not installed at a consistent elevation, silt fences will actually cause erosion.

GEO-BERM is the berm solution you’ve been looking for!

This one-of-a-kind device will provide you with sediment control and stream bank stabilization.

The GEO-BERM Continuous Berm Machine is the only product of its kind on the market. If you’ve been looking for an innovative, affordable alternative to slit fences and straw bales, the GEO-BERM is it. We’ve designed this device to be in compliance with all Clean Water Act regulations, so it is ideal for all sorts of construction sites. The GEO-BERM performs a variety of useful tasks, including sediment control and stream bank stabilization. Once you invest in this piece of machinery, you’ll never go back to other, more rudimentary, methods. If you have questions about how the GEO-BERM works or about how to place your order, call or email us today.