The Geo - Berm© can produce continuous berms at a rate of 200’ per minute

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The Geo-Berm

The GEO – BERM© Continuous Berm Machine creates barriers that are low-cost, Eco – Friendly alternatives to silt fences and straw bales for construction. The GEO – BERM© provides an effective, low – cost solution for the control of erosion and sediment, effectively removing 95 percent of sediment to comply with the clean water act mandate that erosion and sediment control devices be installed on construction sites to minimize the release of soil into runoff waters.

When used with Bio-Degradable Fabric bags, our continuous berms do not require removal or de-installation. This can save you time and money on your projects while following mandates for cleaner water.

Erosion, Sediment & Flood

In Compliance with the Clean Water Act mandatory erosion and sediment control devices must be installed on construction sites to minimize the release of soil into runoff waters. Many construction sites have relied on straw bale and silt fence barriers. Straw bales have been proven ineffective due to inappropriate placement, bad installation and the nature of their structure. Silt fences require expensive manpower for installation, inspection maintenance and removal. Silt fences cannot be placed on a slope or accross a countour line and are not effective unless trenched or keyed in. If not installed at a consistent elevation, silt fences will actually cause erosion.

Clean Water

When used with biodegradable fabric bags, our Continuous Berms do not require disposal or deinstallation. With the right particulate filling the bags, our Continuous Berms can be easily installed to become a permanent addition to the local ecology. The ability for our machines to create barriers with local filling materials will be invaluable at the scene of natural disasters.

Whether its saving lives or maximizing profits, finishing on time and on budget, or being a responsible environmentally conscious developer, your technology choice is easy. Contact us today to learn more about how the Geo-Berm© Machine can save you time and money while being eco conscious at the same time.

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Continuous Berm Machine

Thanks for visiting GeoBerm.com home of the only continuous berm machine of its kind on the planet. Save time and money while keeping the runoff waters clean and sediment free. Use the Geo-Berm© for flood control and environmental engineering. Contact Us To Learn More.
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GEO-BERM’s goods provide flood control and beach erosion control.

We are also hazardous spill containment specialists.

According to the Clean Water Act, construction sites must be equipped with mandatory flood control and beach erosion control devices. This prevents soil from contaminating runoff water. Until now, many construction foremen have had to rely on straw bales and slit fence barriers to accomplish this task. We at GEO-BERM, however, are changing the face of erosion control. GEO-BERM is an innovative product that is taking the hazardous spill containment industry by storm. Contact us today to learn more about our mission and to get a quote. You will be amazed by how affordable a GEO-BERM system is. Our goal is to satisfy all of our clients, so if you ever have any problems with the GEO-BERM device you buy, let us know and we’ll make it right.